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INTRO SPECIAL BrainWave Optimization (BWO) Introduction. A BWO Session for $99 a $200 value

Must present coupon at time of service. Not valid with any other offer or prior purchase. Open by appointment only, call to schedule.

Expires June 22, 2019

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Island BrainWorks LLC

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2220 Postoffice Street
Galveston, TX, 77550
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About This Business

Stress and trauma can impact our physical and emotional wellness and sense of wellbeing by causing an imbalance in the way the brain functions. Brain imbalances can be associated with difficulty sleeping; chemical, food, or alcohol dependency; depression; anger issues; difficulty concentrating; and more. Each and every one of us has the inner resources for wellness and wellbeing that is available through deep relaxation. For this reason we seek peace of mind through nature, music, meditation, and similar when we are experiencing physical and emotional difficulties. Trauma or stress can cause a "stuck" state of stress activation in parts of the brain that can show up as insomnia, addiction, ADD/ADHD, post-tramatic-stress, depression, obsessive-compulsive, and other moderately or severe physical and emotional states and behaviors. Using EEG technology and advanced algorithms the individual client brainwaves are translated in real time into musical tones that are recognized by the brain. It's as though the brain is seeing itself reflected in a mirror. This is a totally non-invasive, deeply relaxing experience that is highly effective. Brainwave Optimization is the 21st Century technology guided methodology that mirrors the realtime activity of the brain. The natural healing power of the brain recognizes any imbalance or disharmony and automatically resets itself allowing greater wellness and wellbeing. The natural plasticity of the brain allows it to create the necessary neuronetworks to balance and harmonize itself. Island BrainWorks is a licensed provider for Brainwave Optimization. We are open by appointment only seven days a week. 409-599-7268 or 713-299-2277


Come in for a Free Demonstration during any Galveston ArtWalk event.


Call and schedule a free consulatation to discuss the benefits that BSO can offer you. 409-599-7268 or 713-299-2277


  • Allows Balance and Harmony in Brain Patterns
  • Allows the brain to auto calibrate itself
  • Brain rhythm patterns effect wellness and wellbeing
  • Brainwave Optimization
  • No chemical dependency
  • No entrainment
  • Non-Invasive
  • Offers Relaxation and self empowerment
  • Real-time feedback of actual brainwaves
  • Stress and trauma can disturb brain patterns


  • Free BWO Demonstration at any Galveston ArtWalk Event
  • Free BWO session for any referals
  • Free Consulation on the Benefits that BWO will offer you!
  • Holiday Special - Brain map analysis and a BWO session-$99
  • Open seven days a week by appointment

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  • American Express
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  • Cash
  • Mastercard
  • Visa


Brainwave Optimization has earned a $Two Million dollar grant to the Wake Forest University Medical School for reseach into Insomnia, Migrains, Minor Brain Trauma, and more.

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