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SimplexIT Works

Business Services in Houston,TX

"We Make IT work For You."

About This Business

We believe the relationship between business and technology is driven with mutual compromise.

Too much focus on remaining the same and adapting technology to antiquated business processes - technology become a financial burden to maintain. Too much focus on technology and adapting to every technology - your business is always trying to catch up to train and business processes slow down; again a financial burden.

The largest impacts of both of the aforementioned scenarios are productivity and employee morale will go down dramatically as they are attempting to play catch up from both sides.


    "Profesional and thorough.This is an excellent company. They were very professional and informative. Our problems were resolved in record time, and we also were guided towards improving our own services. I would recommend trying this company. See for yourself how they can make a positive impact on your Business, as they did for us."
    Andre Palmer, Owner - ImageEcho Health Services


  • Business Lifecycle & Automation
  • Internet, VoIP, Mobile Phones
  • Project Management​
  • Server, Network, and Computer

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